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Dome Awnings

Dome Awnings represent the pinnacle of the awning art and elegance for your home. Whether over a front door, or window, a Dome Awning will add character, distinction, and class to your home or business. Our Dome Awnings are crafted from welded 16 gauge galvanized steel ox channel. They do not come "off the shelf" or out of a box.

It's a 6 or 7 step process to purchasing your Dome Awning(s):


1.) Our Sales Representative will design your Awning & help you choose a fabric, binding, and pattern for the cutout design at the bottom of the curtain.

2.) A member of our management staff will visit your job site to take measurements and complete a field survey.

3.) Our drafting department will prepare a measured computer drawing of your project for approval before the job moves forward.

4.) Our Metal Shop custom builds the frame.

5.) Our Cover Shop fabricates the cover to your specifications.

6.) The Installers return to your premises and mount your Awning.

7.) In some instances, additional adjustments of the awnings are required at the Shop.

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