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Laurel Awning Company and its predecessor firms have been in the Awning and Industrial Fabric business for over 100 years.


Originally known as Culp Awning Company, the firm was formed in Vandergrift, PA (a suburb of Pittsburgh) in 1913. The company was purchased by Ronald Shuster in 1967 and incorporated as Awnings by Shuster, Inc. Owner of Culp Awning Company and moved to Apollo, PA.


In January 2001, the Schmieler family of Saltsburg, PA formed Laurel Industrial Fabric Enterprises, Inc. ("LIFE"), which purchased the assets of Awnings by Shuster, Inc., doing business as Laurel Awning Company.


Carrying on the traditions of Culp Awning Company and Awnings by Shuster, Laurel Awning Company has retained the skilled and experienced team of professionals, which has been serving the tri-state Awning Customers for decades.


To keep up with increased demand, Laurel Awning Company of Pittsburgh recently moved from the original manufacturing facility in Apollo, PA to an even larger facility in Vandergrift, PA. The move expanded Laurel Awnings from an 18,000-square-foot facility on 1.3 acres to a 28,000-square-foot building on about 4.6 acres.


In December 2008 Laurel Industrial Fabric Enterprises, Inc., formed Laurel Awning Company of Philadelphia, Inc., which purchased the Assets of Nelson Brothers Contractors, Inc., an awning company which provided awning services to the Philadelphia area and the Southern New Jersey area for almost 20 years.


Laurel Awning Company has two locations.  Click here to see our location addresses.


Our headquaters is in Vandergrift, PA and we have a Philadelphia branch in Bensalem, PA.



How We are Different

With any product or service you are looking to purchase, you compare. We all do. Laurel Awning Company is different in many aspects in this industry, so if you are questioning why you should make your purchase with us, you need to know the reasons we are different from our competitors. Click here to learn about the Laurel Awning Company Experience.

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