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PFAS Announcement

The PFAS saga has been a long and complicated one, spanning several decades. The concerns over the health and environmental impacts of these forever chemicals have been growing, leading to increased regulation and monitoring. In response, the EPA is taking measures to limit or ban the use of certain liquid PFAS chemicals in large scale manufacturing operations. PFAS is used in multiple products from paper wrappers on fast food, clothing, furniture and even awning fabrics.


At Laurel Awnings we maintain a commitment to be at the forefront of any awning industry changes while ensuring high-quality products for our customers. We continue to work closely with fabric manufacturers to ensure that upcoming changes to the fabrics we use to make our products follow industry best practices.  We are currently test fabrics for color retention, durability, water repellency, appearance, and strength. Our senior management is kept up to date about industry changes and has prepared our design and sales representatives to discuss the best fabric choices that meet your unique outdoor living solutions. We will continue to share more specifics as PFAS regulations take effect.


For more information on PFAS and the current roadmap to regulation please visit:

Laurel Awning Fabric Collection

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