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Awning Take Down

Laurel Awnings provides you with Take Down services for your awnings. During a standard takedown, we send out a team of professional installers to your home to remove your awning in preparation for the winter months. Your awning is then stored over the winter in our warehouse. 


We Take Down awnings by GEOGRAPHIC AREA and NOT BY DATE starting on October 1st of every year and continuing until they are all down. This allows us to ensure that we get to all of our customers by our take down deadline. To view out Service Schedule for our Take Downs please click here. Please keep in mind that all scheduling is subject to the weather and the availability of seasonal help. 


We accept only as many awnings for Storage as we can put up the following spring between April 1st and May 20th.  Your Reservation will be confirmed by mail if received before we are filled.  If received after we are filled we will also contact you by mail.  Due to the volume of Customers we service, we cannot call before we visit you. If we arrive at your Premises to find that you have made other service arrangements without giving us written advance notice you agree to pay our $185.00 minimum Service Call fee. 


If your Contract is received after September 30th you may not be included in our first visit to your area and you may have to wait until later in the Take Down season for service.  Contracts received by us after December 1st may not be accepted due to weather.  By December 1st it may be too late.  Due to demand for this service, we urge you to send your reservation in as early as possible. 


All Awnings Taken Down by our Company must be stored over the winter in our warehouse.  We maintain insurance which covers your Awning(s) if destroyed while stored in our warehouse as a result of fire.  This Agreement shall not be considered a bailment.  We do not offer Take Down or Put Up service for “in home” storage. This helps eliminate the situation of us charging for special trips in the spring to put your awning up.   If you insist that we leave your Awning(s) at your home after Take Down, we are not obligated to Put it/them Up in the spring. Also, we do not offer seasonal disassembly/reassembly of patio/deck stationary awning frames. This causes damage to the frame and home and the cover never fits properly afterward.

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