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Field Measurements - Conducted by our Managers


After meeting with our sales staff and signing your contract, we send a manager out to conduct a field measurement of the awning(s) you are investing in. By doing this, we verify the dimensions and details of your order.


Remember the old adage “Measure twice, cut once."!


After your measurements are taken, we will prepare a computer-aided design (CAD) shop drawing. These will then be sent to you for your approval before manufacturing begins.


The level of your customizations determines what happens next. For example, if you ordered one of our stationary framers, our expert framing crew will be out to build the pipe frame first.  If you ordered a recover of your fabric, we will start to cut your fabric on our state-of-the-art fabric conversion machine.   


From there, it will be placed onto the hands of our highly-experienced sewers. 


If you ordered a retractable awning, we will start by cutting the aluminum to length and assembling all the hardware together while the fabric is being sewn.                                                                                              



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