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Window and Porch Awnings

Our Window/Porch Awnings Patio/Deck awnings are all custom made from raw materials. They do not come "off the shelf" or out of a box. Window/Porch Awnings are sometimes referred to as "Loose Frame" Awnings, because their frames are not rigid, and may be roped to fold up against your home. Window/Porch Covers must be removed for storage by Thanksgiving as they cannot withstand winter snow. Leaving Window/Porch Covers up during periods of winter weather voids our warranty. WEATHER PERMITTING they can be re-installed after April 1st the next spring.

It's a 5 or 6 step process to purchasing your Window/Porch Awning(s):


1.) Our Sales Representative designs the Awning(s) and helps the customer choose a fabric, binding, and pattern for the cutout design at the bottom of the curtain. Frames may be styled in a traditional wedge shape or a Box Awning, to accommodate window or doors that swing out.

One of the most important issues when choosing porch or window awnings, is to decide how far down the window or porch opening you would like the awning(s) to extend. This is referred to as the Awning's "Drop".













There is no hard or fast rule. It's entirely up to your own taste. Some customers choose to have the Drop come half way down the opening. Others choose a Drop that's slightly shorter. Please bear in mind, that once the Awning is manufacture, it can not be returned or changed without additional costs.


In instances where the Drop is less than 24' (2') we recommend that you consider a Slant Sleeve Awning.




 The use of Slant Sleeve may prevent shorter

Drop Awnings from looking "squat".



2.) A member of our management staff will visit your job site to take measurements and complete a field survey.

3.) Our drafting department will prepare a measured computer drawing of your project for approval before the job moves forward.

4.) Unlike Patio/Deck Awning(s) (which are constructed both at your home and in our plant), Window//Porch Awnings are manufacture entirely at our plant. Our Fabric Shop custom manufactures the covers to the measurements contained in the customer approved drawing.

5.) Our Installers return to your home and mount your new Awning(s).

6.) In some instances additional adjustments are required back at the Fabric Shop.

Awnings Save Homeowners On Cooling Costs:

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