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DIY Awnings -

Save Money By Doing It Yourself!


If you are the DIY type, we offer the option to buy awnings direct from us that you can install yourself. This allows you to save money on installation. During all DIY awning purchases, the customer is fully responsible for sizing and installation. If this is not a risk you are willing to take, then our full service options may be a better fit for you. 



If you are handy and looking to save money while doing a recover of a porch, window, drop curtain or valance awning this may a good option for you.  We offer the options of bringing your awnings to our shop to be custom sewn. You must provide all sizes and specifications for your new "recovers". Once the new covers are fabricated you pick them up at our shop. The rest of the installation is then your responsibility. 


Please keep in mind that we just match the measurements of the covers, not the fit of the cover to the frame. 


We offer the following DIY Awning Projects:


  • Fabric Window Awnings

  • Fabric Casement Window Awnings

  • Fabric Door Canopy Awnings

  • Dome Awnings

  • Drop Valances



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