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Awning Put Up

Our awning Put Up is another great reason why customers chose Laurel Awnings. During a standard Put Up, we send a team of professionals to your home with your awning that was stored over the winter months in our warehouse. While at your home, our team properly gets your awning fabric back up for you to once again enjoy.


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Awning Take Down

Laurel Awnings provides you with Take Down services for your awnings. During a standard takedown, we send out a team of professional installers to your home to remove your awning in preparation for the winter months. Your awning is then stored over the winter in our warehouse. 


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Cleaning and Repairs

In addition to winter storage, we can perform sewing repairs as well as clean your awning(s). We are one of a few awning companies in our service areas that operate a wet cleaning process that utilizes chemicals approved by the fabric manufactures. We provide all of these services IN HOUSE. We do not ship your awning to a third party sub-contracted vendor. Your awning will stay protected with us in our storage facility.


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