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Awning Put Up

Our awning Put Up is another great reason why customers chose Laurel Awnings. During a standard Put Up, we send a team of professionals to your home with your awning that was stored over the winter months in our warehouse. While at your home, our team properly gets your awning fabric back up for you to once again enjoy.


We Put Up awnings by GEOGRAPHIC AREA and NOT BY DATE starting on or about April 1st. This helps eliminate the situation where your neighbor’s stored awning is up, but yours is not.  To view our service schedule please click here. Please keep in mind that all scheduling is subject to the weather and availability of seasonal help. 


If you didn’t sign/authorize us look at your awning(s) for repairs over the winter and we try to put it up and it is need of repairs we will return it to the shop.  We will look it over and contact you with an estimate for the repair work. The estimate will include the additional cost of the extra trip we made as well as the review fee.  We will put your awning up after all the other awnings are up and when we are back in your area.


Due to the volume of Customers we service, we cannot call before we visit you.  If we arrive at your Premises to find that you have made other service arrangements without giving us written advance notice you agree to pay our $185.00 minimum Service Call fee. 


For those needing their awning put up for a certain date, we do offer WEEK CERTAIN awning Put Up for an additional charge. Please contact us to make arrangements for you awning to be put up at least one week prior to your event. 

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