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Drop Awnings



It's a 5 or 6 step process to purchasing your Drop Awning(s):



1.) Our Sales Representative will design your Awning & help you choose a fabric, binding, and pattern for the cutout design at the bottom of the curtain. Drop Awnings are available in two basic types.


























Roll Up Drops are somewhat easier to pull up and have a more contemporary look.

Pull Up Drops have the look of a "Roman Shade" with a decorative curtain along the bottom.



2.) A member of our management staff will visit your job site to take measurements and complete a field survey.

3.) Our drafting department will prepare a measured computer drawing of your project for approval before the job moves forward.

4.) Drop Awnings are manufactured entirely at our plant. Our Fabric Shop custom manufacturers your Awning(s) to the measurements in the approved computer drawing.

5.) The Installers return to your premises and mount your Awning.

6.) In some instances, additional adjustments of the awnings are required at the Fabric Shop.



Drop Awnings are custom made from raw materials. They do come "off the shelf" or out of a box. Drop Awning COvers should be removed fro storage by Thanksgiving as they cannot withstand winter snow. Leaving Drop Awning Covers up during periods of winter weather voids our warranty. WEATHER Permitting they can be re-installed after April 1st next spring

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