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Patio and Deck Awnings


Our Patio/Deck awnings are all custom made from raw materials. They do not come "off the shelf" or out of a box. Patio/Deck awnings are sometimes referred to as "Fixed Frame" Awnings, because their frames are rigid, stay up year round, and do not fold up. Patio/Deck Awning Covers must be removed for storage by Thanksgiving as they cannot withstand winter snow. Leaving Patio/Deck Awning Covers up during periods of winter weather voids our warranty. WEATHER PERMITTING they can be re-installed after April 1st the next spring.

Patio Awning Features:



  • Triple coat galvanized heavy wall pipe

  • Double Lace bands on all rafters to hide rafter pokes and reienforce covers

  • 37 track at wall for a solid mounting seal

  • Roof Mounting

  • All edges reinforced by hemming

  • Rafters spaced 32" max on center



It's a 6 or 7 step process to purchasing your Patio/Deck Awning(s):


1.) Our Sales Representative will design your Awning & help you choose a fabric, binding, and pattern for the cutout design at the bottom of the curtain.

2.) A member of our management staff will visit your job site to take measurements and complete a field survey.

3.) Our drafting department will prepare a measured computer drawing of your project for approval before the job moves forward.

4.) Our framing crew custom builds the frame on site. We use an aluminum "Header" which is attached to your home. The "Rafters" are then attached to the header.



Our frames are constructed from "Schedule 40" hot dipped galvanized pipe. We use only plated cast iron fittings.

Some one-story structures require the installation of "Gutter Brackets" in order to obtain the necessary height at the back of the awning or "pitch" so that the awning will drain properly.



5.) Our Fabric Shop custom manufactures the cover to the measurements contained in the Customer approved drawing.

6.) the Installers return to your premises and fit the cover.

7.) In some instances, an additional adjustment of the Cover is required at the Fabric Shop.


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