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retractable awning pittsburgh

Fabric Door Canopy Awnings

These awnings are shipped partially assembled and protect your door and entry way to the elemtns. They are rust resistant and come in a variety of fabric patterns and colors.


How To Measure For Your Awnings:

Step 1: Select the projection you desire. Your projection must be at least 6" more than the width of your door.


Step 2: Measure the outside width of door casing. Add at least 3 to 5" on each side for proper appearance. (Be sure light fixtures are not in the way.) Custom widths up to 240" in 1" increments are avaliable.


Step 3: Measure from the top of the door (B) to determine available space for mounting. Sides require 13" (B).


Step 4: Select the color and pattern and valance type.





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