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Pan And Cover Aluminum Awnings

Pan and Cover Aluminum awnings withstand time and the elements, while adding visual appeal to your property. Our aluminum awnings will provide shade, save energy, and shelter from the weather despite the season. Made of all aluminum they will not peel, chip or crack proving to be a wise investment for your home or business.


It's a 5 or 6 step process to purchasing your Aluminum Awning(s)


1.) Our Sales Representative will design your Awning and help you choose a color and style. 

2.) A member of our management staff will visit your job site to take measurements and complete a field survey.

3.) Our drafting department will prepare a measured computer drawing of your project for approval before the job moves forward.

4.) Our Metal Shop custom builds the frame.

5.) The Installers return to your premises and mount your Awning.

6.) In some instances, additional adjustments of the awnings are required at the Shop.





















Aluminum Colors.jpg

Pan and Cover Color Chart

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