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We pride ourselves on all of the wonderful businesses that we are able to service. Laurel Awnings is a proud and active member of The Professional Awnings Manufactures Association (PAMA), and the Industrial Fabric Association International (IFAI). By participating in these associations we stay on top of all the new materials, sewing and installation methods in the marketplace.



Today's awnings offer a variety of advantages for the person who wants to make the most significant impact of all- a positive first impression. Awnings give a business personality by using tradition or bold colors that express the overall feel of the business.


Commercial awnings are a unique way to attract customers and enrich a business. They extend a welcome mat to customers by creating a sense of excitement, and celebration.


Below are some things to consider when thinking about purchasing a Commerical Awning for your business.



Awning Fabric Characteristics

Awning Frames

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