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Graphics for your Awnings


A variety of methods are used to apply graphics to your awnings.



   Graphics of almost any complexity can be accurately transferred to the awning through the use of screens cut specifically for the application. Ink is spread evenly over the top of the screen and "printed" onto the face of the fabric. Silkscreening is an excellent method for ensuring consistent quality in multiple applications, and can be an economical way to apply graphics where a large quantity is involved.



   Handpainting is the most traditional and often the most economical method of applying graphics. Handpainting the graphics directly onto the awning, with material selected specially for fabrics, can provide a customized effect to any awning.


Cut- Out Lettering

   In applications where easy readability is essential, cut-out lettering is an excellent and economical method to apply simple graphics to the awning.


Heat Color- Transfer

    Awnings can be decorated through the use of a heat-colored transfer method, which utilizes a vacuum applicator to adhere color to the fabric. Any number of colors can be applied simultaneously, as pigments and resins are embedded into the fabric.




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